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General Information for Hot Tubs, Spas, Jacuzzis for Florida Keys' Residents

Bud Fernandes is an expert at repairs and new installation of hot tubs, spas and jacuzzis in the Florida Keys.

Below is a sample of calls for service repair which Bud receives on a regular basis and is able to repair the problem in a timely manner:

  • Motor is too loud
  • No heat to the hot tub, spa or jacuzzi - water is cold
  • The motor keeps tripping the breaker at the electric panel or the GFI keeps tripping
  • Pump has stopped working on my hot tub
  • No bubbles in the hot tub
  • My jets are not working in the hot tub, spa, jacuzzi
  • The motor is dead
  • Notice water is leaking around the hot tub, spa, jacuzzi
  • Touch pad doesn't work or the display is blinking
  • HH, OH, ECN, SLP, DRY, SNS or FLO code is on the display

Bud Fernandes stocks in his truck a large inventory of parts and supplies to fix any type of problem with your hot tub, spa or jacuzzi:

  • Circulation pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Ozonators
  • Blowers
  • Sensors
  • Pump wet ends
  • Motors
  • Jets
  • Circuit Boards
  • Spa side controls
  • New control retrofit kits
  • Complete control systems
  • Filters
  • GFI breakers, GFCI plugs
  • Fuses
  • Pump cords
  • Pump gaskets
  • Wire
  • Chemicals such as Bromine, Sodium Bromine, Shock and Bath salts
  • Floating dispensers
  • Epoxy repair
  • Diverter valves, gate valves, service valves, check valves, Jandy valves, drain valves
  • Air controls
  • Relays
  • Thermostats
  • High limit controls
  • Heating elements, heaters low flow, heaters, heater tubes, heater gaskets
  • Displays
  • Lights, LED lights, bulbs
  • Air buttons
  • Salt generators, salt
  • Pressure switch, flow switch
  • Pump seal, pump impeller
  • Clock timer, test strips, test kits

The difference between a spa and a hot tub. A spa is built in with external plumbing, external pump, external heater and sometimes this equipment is shared with a pool. A hot tub is a stand alone unit with an internal pump and heater, the only outside requirement is electricity.

Bud Fernandes is knowledgable with these manufacturers: Premium Leisure; Vita; Jacuzzi; Leisure Bay; Hot Springs; Catalina; Laguna Bay; Coleman; Sundance Spa; Hydrospa; Balboa; HydroQuip; Watkins; Spaguts; Waterway; Gecko; A O Smith; Kohler; Lasco; Laing; Whirlpool; Master Spas; Pentair; Intermatic; Cal Spas; Dreamaker.

305.912.7727 (SPAS)

Home Page

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